No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom by Sue Hendra


Bernard the Robot loses his bottom on the park swing, and sets off to find it. Every time he gets close, it disappears again! Bird was using it as a nest, but it was too heavy; Bear used it in his drum kit, but it was too tinny; the Rabbits built sandcastles with it…and now it looks as if they’re sailing away in it. Will Bernard EVER get his bottom back?

I feel like I can really relate to this book. Look at Bernard’s face on the front cover. He’s got that embarrassed it’s-fine-really braving-it-out look. I try to be a sophisticated rhino but I’m a clumsy soul at heart. I pull that look myself regularly.

There’s something for everyone in this book. From the holographic title to the use of circuit board and binary designed backgrounds, the robotic theme flows through each page. There’s some fun language play and the illustrations are brightly coloured and deceptively simple. I particularly approve of the funky outlines.

And the best bit? This book is aimed at children. Not at boys. Or at girls. At CHILDREN. Hooray for a book about a stereotypically gendered subject that is written and illustrated without a gender bias.

No-Bot makes me smile because it is pure fun. It’s about friendship, silliness and bottoms and it ends with a bottom wiggling dance. When you have a bottom as large as mine, a bottom wiggling dance is quite an occasion.

So here’s a wiggle to a book that encourages all children to have fun and giggle at the silliness of life. Hurrah!

Source: Our bookshelves.

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