Rabbityness by Jo Empson

Rabbityness is an ideal book for introducing children to the theme of loss or bereavement in a gentle and subtle way, with the added bonus of being bright, modern and fun; a book that will really appeal to children.


Rabbit loves to do rabbity things like hopping and twirling his whiskers but he also loves unrabbity things like painting and making music. The unrabbity things make Rabbit so happy that he fills the wood with happiness and creativity.


All the other rabbits come to love the music and the colours and catch Rabbit’s happiness. Until one day, Rabbit disappears. The woods are quiet and dull and the rabbits miss their friend. But Rabbit has left behind everything they need to remember him and unlock their own creativity.

Everything about this book is pitched perfectly at its little people audience. The text is simple and easy for children to connect with, the font is easy for early readers to cope with and the layout is enticing with bouncy text and great use of colour. Jo Empson uses the artwork and layout on the page to carry the reader through and deliver an emotional journey. The use of negative space is gorgeous.


A perfect book to explore and celebrate individuality and creativity and introduce loss in any form. I love the positivity throughout the book. A real winner.

Jo Empson has recently released her second book, Never Ever, which explores boredom and looks to be equally as inclusive and positive. One to watch!

Source: Our lovely local library.

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