Is That you Wolf? By Cat’s Pyjamas & Steve Cox

Little Piglet is sure that there is a wolf hiding on the farm. He bravely searches through haystacks and hen houses, wanting to keep his farmyard friends safe but sure that the wolf is watching him. Are you as brave as little piglet?

This innovative book invites the reader to test their bravery and join in the hunt for Wolf. In a brilliant twist on the lift the flap book, the reader can slide their hand into a pocket to feel what’s hiding inside. Could it be Wolf’s fur? Wolf’s claws? Wolf’s tongue?! Each pocket has the tension-building rhyme ‘Slide your hand in if you dare… Wolf may be lurking so BEWARE!’ written on it, adding to the fun.


The textures in the pockets are great, I particularly love the tongue. Bravery definitely required for that one. As with all great novelty books there’s a surprise ending that I won’t dare ruin for you. You’ll just have to trust me, it’s a corker!

Is That you Wolf? is a great book for encouraging children to interact and have fun with a book. It’s textured pockets and surprise ending are bound to have children squealing with glee and the text really lends itself to reading aloud and using funny voices. The story itself is perfect for starting a discussion about fears and bravery and looking after each other. A real winner and definitely deserving of a rhino hurrah.

I admit to not having heard of Cat’s Pyjamas before, but this book and a look through their website has me converted. They are an independent specialising in innovative formats for young children and interesting and fun finding out books for big kids. I’m hooked! Check them out here.

Source: Our bookshelves.

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