Noisy! Illustrated by Annie Kubler

This is a Child’s Play book produced for Bookstart and one of the big hits at the Rainbow Library.

The children love it! It is one of those brilliant books that has universal appeal. The youngest children pick it up and are able to look through it independently, it is a good sized board book and they can manage it themselves. It’s full of bright but gentle pictures of very young children having fun making noise and even the youngest children are able to copy them and join in.

For the older children who are just beginning to learn to read, this book is a favourite and a confidence booster. The words are simple to sound out and read, they are in big bold print and (hooray) in a font that children can read! Look at the ‘a’!


The older children talk about the pictures; why is the baby crying? What songs are they listening to? and they use this book to inspire their own noise making. Mainly this page it has to be said:


An absolute hit! I’d love to post a picture of the children enjoying this book but you’ll have to make do with me instead.


Source: Picked up in a charity shop for the Rainbow library.

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