World Book Day at the Rainbow Library

World Book Day came to the Rainbow library a day late this year. Due to the remnants of a nasty lurgy there were only 8 children in the nursery on Thursday. The more the merrier I say, so I waited until today to go in and read with them, so there were a few more children to play.

I decided to read Supermarket Zoo by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves. I wanted a book with bright pictures and lots of animals and humour, something that would appeal to all the children and inspire their play afterwards. The fact that it has a dinosaur in it was an added bonus as they were all playing with the dinosaur toys when I arrived.

I had printed out a picture of a shopping trolley for each child and after I had read the book and we had giggled at all the animals squeezed into the car, we got the crayons out and I encouraged them to think about and draw their own crazy shopping trip. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of dinosaurs. I gave them sheets of stickers to add on afterwards, everyone loves stickers.

These are a few of my favourites:

The organised approach:


A purple cat complete with sticking up fluffy tail:


A very fetching green dinosaur:


And sticker frenzy!


It was a lovely hour or so and the children enjoyed the activity but next week I think I’m going to revert to cosying up on the cushions with the library box and just reading to the children. They have chances to draw and play but it’s the quiet time with a book that they miss out on, so that’s what I will try and give them.

Sadly the nursery hadn’t registered to join in the World Book Day fun or receive the book tokens. (I will make sure they are registered and ready for fun next year!) Of all the children that would benefit from a free book to keep for themselves, the Rainbow Library children must be high up on the list. But worry not, dear readers, for they had a Rainbow Book Fairy to hand!

Mission control:


It just so happens that ChildsPlay International has recently joined Team Rainbow and donated a box of books to the library. Thanks to their incredible generosity and all the wonderful donations I’ve received so far, I had enough books in the library stash to give each child a book to take home and keep to celebrate World Book Day.


I tried to match the books to the child as far as possible. I wanted them to be able to see themselves in the book, so I looked at characters’ gender and colour. For the children with English as a second language I chose books with labels and things to spot rather than a complicated story they may not understand.

I popped a leaflet explaining how the library works into each book. Then off to the nursery I went to hand them all out.

Happy World Book Day to the Rainbow Library children!


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