This Little Potty by Ladybird Touch and Feel

Now I like a poo story as much as the next lady, but there are some fairly hideous potty training books out there; heavily gendered and lazily produced. Ladybird, however, have come up trumps with this one.


This Little Potty is from their excellent touch and feel series which provides little fingers with all sorts of textures to explore, lovely big bold text and bright colours, and a ladybird to spot in every picture.

Each page shows a child using their potty alongside a simple rhyming text. The general idea is that very young children learn from example, and seeing pictures of children using their potties in the book will normalise it and make it seem easy and fun. Ladybird have made an effort to celebrate diversity and the pictures show children of different ethnicities so children should be able to see themselves in the book. Good on them!

Thankfully, the book steers relatively clear of gender stereotyping too. Okay, Priya is wearing a pink tutu but she is sitting on a red potty. And there is also a girl sitting on a green potty and a boy engrossed in a sparkly book while sitting on his. Ladybird, and Emily Bolam the illustrator, haven’t gone down the pink versus blue route but have happily mixed it all up, creating plenty of opportunity for a child to find a role model in one of the pictures.

This Little Potty will appeal to children’s cheeky natures. Text like ‘this little potty belongs to Lou, she’s just popped on to have a poo’ will bring a smile to even the most nervous of potty-learners and on the last page… yes, we have a poo picture. Subtly done but obvious enough for children to giggle and urgh over, whilst building their potty confidence.


All in, a great potty learning book. Interactive enough for children to play with while they are sitting on the potty and diverse enough to support all children. Also great for slightly older children to role play with, perfect for the home corner for reading to their dolls. A success!

Source: Donated to the Rainbow library by Deborah Fielden via MeBooks

Publication date
5th July 2012

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