Just Because by Rebecca Elliott

Just Because is a touching story of the relationship between a little boy called Toby and his best friend – his big sister Clemmie. Toby introduces us to Clemmie and their world through the repeated phrase ‘I don’t know why…just because’.

On the first page we see Clemmie in a wheelchair and Toby tells us that Clemmie can’t walk, talk or move around much. He doesn’t know why, just because. He goes on to explain that she can’t pilot a plane or do algebra either. But she does have the biggest hair in the world and is very much like a princess.

The illustrations and text create a real sense of fun and adventure as we explore Toby and Clemmie’s world. As we progress through the book we see that we all have different tastes, strengths and weaknesses and everyone is different.


The wonderful thing about Just Because is the way that these differences are introduced with such child-like innocence. Having a child narrator emphasises the unconditional acceptance that comes with innocence, emphasising to children that people are different, just because, and helping to strip learned prejudices from adult readers.

Hurrah to Rebecca Elliott for creating such a brilliant book. A wonderful way to introduce young children to diversity and to help them understand that everyone is different and enjoys different things, just because.

Source: Our lovely local library.

Published in 2010

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