Little Explorers and Little Drivers series by Child’sPlay

Everyone wants to be the driver! And everyone can in this wonderful series of board books from Child’sPlay.


Each book has a double-sided figure with a girl on one side and a boy on the other. Pop it into the acetate pocket on each page to give the boy or girl the chance to drive a variety of vehicles or explore different environments.


What a great idea! Bashing down stereotypical gender roles and giving children the chance to see themselves in all sorts of environments. Overheard quotes from children playing with the book: “I’m using the girl for my adventures and then I can tell the boy all about it when I get back.” “She loves helicopters. Ooo that looks fun. That’s my favourite job to be.” “What are you going to be when you’re bigger? A digger lady.”

The illustrations are bright, multicultural and inviting. The text echoes a child’s play beautifully, using short sentences that are perfect for encouraging and inspiring role play.


There is a lovely range of titles to choose from. The Little Explorers series includes ocean, space, snow and jungle. In the Little Drivers range children can imagine themselves going places, here to help, working hard or to the rescue. Wonderful idea, great books and brilliant role modelling. Hurrah Child’sPlay!

Source: Kindly donated to the Rainbow Library by the publisher.

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