Dog Loves Books and Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates

A book about books!!! Always certain to get my attention.


Dog loves books! He loves them so much that he decides to open up his own bookshop so he can share his love with others. When nobody arrives for the Grand Opening, Dog is disheartened. But not for long as he realises he is surrounded by his favourite things and starts to read through his stock. As he finds friends and adventures in his books, customers start to appear and he knows exactly what books to recommend.

The perfect book for book lovers, librarians, book obsessives and book pushers, Dog Loves Books is a celebration of the comfort that can be found in books and the joy of sharing them with others. A lovely book to share with little ones to introduce them to the joys of finding friends in books.


Dog Loves Drawing sees Dog happily settled and working in his bookshop, reading his books when a parcel arrives. A book! What joy! What excitement awaits! But hold on… This book has no words and no pictures! It’s a sketchbook and Dog knows just what to do. Out come the pencils and paintbrushes and Dog draws his way into an adventure, doodling some friends to accompany him along the way.

This is a great book for inspiring children to put pencil to paper and just doodle and let their imagination run wild. A perfect book to pop into the sight lines of an older child when they get to that awkward stage of losing the child-like freedom and becoming self conscious about their drawings.

These books also include my favourite ever dog illustrations. I give you exhibit one – ‘bored Dog’ and ‘really very fed-up Dog’:


And exhibit two – ‘book-happy’:


Inspiring stuff!


Dog Loves Books – Our lovely local library.
Dog Loves Drawing – My bookcase.

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