RhinoReads interviewed by ReaditDaddy

As part of his #Readitmd13 campaign to encourage parents to read to their children, ReaditDaddy has spent the week interviewing children’s book bloggers and today it was my turn. I was thrilled to take part and had extra cake to celebrate. Here is his full blog post for your viewing pleasure:

#readitmd13 – “Brilliant Book Bloggers” Day 4 – Carmen at Rhino Reads


“I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” – So do we, lovely Rhino, so do we!

Day Four of this week’s #ReadItMD Campaign theme of “Brilliant Book Bloggers” and we have a genuine book fairy with us to share her experiences in book blogging. Over to you, Carmen Haselup at Rhino Reads!

ReadItDaddy: Tell us your blog’s name / who you are:

Hi, I’m Carmen from RhinoReads where I review big books for little people and play host to Ronnie Rhino. http://www.rhinoreads.wordpress.com

ReadItDaddy: How long have you been blogging (book or otherwise) for?

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now but I only started blogging about children’s books with Ronnie in January, so I’m still a newbie on that front. I started the Rainbow Library – a nursery library for disadvantaged children – for International Book Giving Day in February and things have really taken off from there.

ReadItDaddy: What’s on your book stack this week (childrens / grown up books count) ?

Well, I technically have more than one book stack. I try to review books from the local library, my own collection and books donated to the Rainbow Library so I have piles everywhere.

In the book stacks this week are:

From the local library:
Not on a School Night – Rebecca Patterson
Dog Loves Books – Louise Yates

From my collection:
Goldilocks and Just the One Bear – Leigh Hodgkinson
The Cloud – Hannah Cumming
The Darkness Slipped in – Ella Burfoot
Oliver – Birgita Sif

And from the Rainbow Library:
Mum and Dad Glue – Kes Gray
Harold Finds a Voice – Courtney Dicmas
Copy Cat – Mark Birchall
No! – Marta Altes
Flip-up Fairy Tales by ChildsPlay

Ronnie and I are going to be busy this week! Extra cake will be required.

ReadItDaddy: Give a very brief summary of why you think books are important to children…

I think books are a vital part of childhood. Children learn so many things from looking at books and being read to. Not just how to hear and see language but how to see the world and their place in it. They learn how to feel and to understand how others might be feeling. They see themselves and the self they could become. They can find comfort, reassurance, inspiration and knowledge. In short, everything they need to thrive in life.

(I’m not good at ‘very brief’ when it comes to the importance of books)

ReadItDaddy: If you had to name one booky person as your complete and utter book-idol (Writer, Illustrator, Publisher etc) who would it be and why?

I think it would have to be ChildsPlay. I have admired their ethos since I first came across them when I started working in early years education. They were the first publisher I hoped I could get on board with the Rainbow Library, because they believe in, and stand up for, the child. And every child. I am inspired and encouraged by their philosophy and am proud to share their books with the rainbow library children.

ReadItDaddy: Name 5 books you think everyone should have in their book case (childrens OR adult book, or a mix if you like!)

5? 5?!! Ok, 5. Wow, that’s a daunting thought. But 5 books that everybody should have, in age order:

A ChildsPlay baby book. It doesn’t matter which particular book as they are all wonderful, but every baby should have one.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School – Clara Vulliamy

Matilda – Roald Dahl

Skellig – David Almond

Northern Lights – Philip Pullman

Written on the Body – Jeanette Winterson

What do you mean that’s six? One, two, three, four, four and a half, five. Job done.

That was fun! Now for some cake.

Thank you Carmen, marvellous stuff! Tune in tomorrow for blogger numbers 5 and 6, the dynamic duo of Catherine at StorySnug and Anne-Marie at Child-Led Chaos! Go Team!

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