Harold Finds a Voice by Courtney Dicmas


Harold Finds a Voice is the debut picture book from new talent Courtney Dicmas. It tells the story of Harold the parrot who spends his day mimicking all the wonderful sounds he hears in apartment 4b. He is a gifted bird and only has to hear a sound once to mimic it perfectly. He loves all sorts of sounds but is particularly partial to the watery ones.


Look at him, lovely, crazy, upside-down Harold. But the poor parrot can’t help wondering what other sounds are out there in the big wide world. One morning he seizes the chance to find out and swoops off to explore. And what wondrous sounds he hears! The air is full of new and exciting noises, everything has its own voice. Everything except for Harold. Where is his unique voice? With a deep breath, Harold gives his own voice a try and with it he finds new friends and new confidence.

I think this book is wonderful! I love the sense of self, the idea of a unique voice, of following your dreams and your talents. Harold Finds a Voice is a great book to subtly inspire and build confidence in children. The illustrations are vivid, alive and full of character and children will relish the chance to join in with all the mimicry.


I am just a bit in love with Harold!

Published by Child’sPlay in Jan 2013.

Source: Kindly donated to the Rainbow Library by Child’sPlay

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