Not on a School Night by Rebecca Patterson

At bedtime on Monday, Daddy tucks his two boys up in bed and says goodnight. But the boys have other ideas. They want to dress up and play dinosaurs and jump and roar…


In Not on a School Night we follow the nightly antics of the terrible two as they perform imaginative characters and adventures, until Friday night comes. Not a school night! A stay up late night! And almost as good as Saturday morning.

Well hurrah! This book screams fun and frolics. Rebecca Patterson has a wonderful ability to recreate a child’s imaginative play. She celebrates the joy of pretending and adventure and brings the boys and their toys to life. The illustrations are full of movement, exuberance and fun. My personal favourites are King Pillow and Mr Duvet Slug.


The split pages showing the children’s joy and the parents exasperation are superb. I love the toys’ eyes and the parents’ quiet and resigned desperation. Mix that up with a gorgeous use of pattern and a big chunk of familiar chaos and you have yourself a whopper of a book.

Not on a School Night is Rebecca Patterson’s second book. The Deep End was published in 2011 and she has since published My Big Shouting Day and The Pirate House with My Busy Being Bella Day due for release in May ’13. I’ll be queuing up for that one!

Source: Our lovely local library.

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