Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray


Apple Pie ABC is no ordinary alphabet book. Oh no! It looks ‘ordinary’ in the face and laughs. This book is far too smart and stylish to ever be called ordinary.

Alison Murray has taken the usual alphabet book format and mixed it with a traditional verse. And that is just where the story begins, for Apple Pie ABC is an alphabet book transformed into an apple pie adventure.


Each letter of the alphabet is used to further the story of one little dog’s quest for an Apple pie. His owner Bakes it, Cools it and Dishes it out. He is Eager for it. I love the use of language in this book. It isn’t afraid to challenge a child, both with the format and the vocabulary. Words like ‘ogle’, ‘determined’, ‘eager’ and ‘pine’ will fill a child’s mouth and mind. Delicious!

The use of colour- reds, oranges, yellows and blues, makes this a sophisticated book that will appeal to all children. The block print style and lovely mix of layouts with single and double page spreads mixed with sectioned pages enhance the pace of the story.


The end papers are gorgeous and stylish, I even love the paper itself – it’s thick and matt and tactile. In fact, I love everything about this book. It even smells good.


Apple Pie ABC will get children thinking and linking the alphabet with real life. It puts the alphabet into context and makes it immensely child friendly whilst stretching and challenging them. A treat and a joy. Hurrah, Alison Murray, for you and your pie.

Apple Pie ABC was published by Orchard books in 2010 and has just been released as a Me Book. I can’t recommend Me Books enough. A great resource for children who love all things interactive, their titles are so much more than a digital book. Children can swipe the screen to turn the page with a gorgeous swooshy sound, then hear the story read to them with a wealth of additional touch points and sound clips. Me Books add such a lot of content and hilarity to their books, children and adults can’t help but fall in love with them. You can even record yourself reading the story so your little one can hear you read to them if you are away, or they can record themselves acting out the story. Check out some of their new titles along with Apple Pie ABC, such as Ella and Primrose by Alex T. Smith and the fantastic Great Dog Bottom Swap and Great Sheep Shenanigans by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka.

Source: Our lovely local library.

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