The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award – THIS SATURDAY!

10 May

Today I planned to write a post about a very exciting event taking place in London tomorrow. But I’m not going to. Because Loll at Storyseekers has written such a comprehensive and motivating post that there’s really nothing I can add to do it further justice. Instead, I shall repost it here for you to all enjoy. I wish all involved with the book fair the very best of luck for a wonderful event. I’m very much looking forward to reading about it.


If any of you are in London this Saturday – May 11th, 2013 – and looking for a way to spend a very happy few hours with some very exciting people from the world of radical children’s literature, then I suggest you head down to the London Radical Bookfair at Conway Hall.
Not only is this event free and open to all, but will there be a whole host of authors, illustrators and booksellers there to inspire you and share their passion for the thriving world of radical bookselling in the UK.  Since I’ve started blogging about books and reading (and spending even more time on Twitter chatting about them) I’ve been lucky enough to come across people who are absolutely committed to making children’s books as inclusive as possible and, cheesy though it sounds, I am learning from them all the time.
There’s far too much to go into…

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