Equal marriage and inclusive publishing

This evening I am watching BBC Parliament. This is not something I do on the average Monday evening but tonight they are arguing about whether I should have the legal right to marry the woman I already call my wife. So far 3 amendments have already been defeated and positive progress towards equality is in sight. I have been disheartened by some of the bigotry I have listened to tonight and I have been thankful that my daughter is too young to understand the language they are using and the prejudice they are showing against her mums and our family. But I have also heard some hugely passionate and positive speeches. Maria Miller, David Lammy, Chris Bryant, Catherine McKinnell, Stephen Doughty, Kate Green, have all spoken with common sense and given me faith in the process.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, I suggest you listen to some of the arguments against equal marriage and replace ‘same-sex’ with ‘black’. I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel uncomfortable and that it will all click. It is about equality. It is about society not viewing my family as other, as less. These blog posts by Shelley Harris and Shelley Silas explain it far more eloquently than I can.
Nelson Mandela and other arguments for equal marriage – Shelley Harris.
We’re not equal until we’re equal – Shelley Silas.

So tomorrow the debate continues and I hope that I will soon be raising a glass to progress and planning my wedding to my wife. But in the meantime, these books arrived from the progressive and equality-driven Letterbox Library this morning.


I hope that these books are an antidote to some of the homophobic speeches I have listened to this evening and I hold on to the fact that my daughter and her peers see these books. They see same sex families and they accept them in the way that children see everything through eyes clear of prejudice. I hope that by the time my daughter’s peers are old enough to start taking on and learning prejudices from others, the equal marriage bill has been passed. I hope that my wife and I are legally married and that we have the equality that we deserve. Until then, I shall read these books with my daughter and show her that all families are different but all families are equal. I will take the books to the Rainbow Library and show her peers. I will answer their questions and do my best to be a role model for equality. Thank you Letterbox Library for supporting my family and helping me support the next generation’s view of families and equality.


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  1. Good for you! I think we (the country) are moving in the right direction. There seems to be more fiction for older children and YA that represents diversity now too.

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