Lulu Loves the Library and Lulu Loves Stories

Continuing the celebration of the ‘This is Me!’ book packs by Inclusive Minds and Letterbox Library, I am grinning with book-joy brought about by the Lulu books by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw.

I love a book about books. I love a book that celebrates stories and promotes reading and libraries. So imagine how happy I am right now…

Three books that celebrate the joys of books in an effortlessly inclusive way. Hurrah!

Lulu Loves the Library is the first book in this gorgeous series. Lulu loves Tuesdays because on Tuesdays, Lulu and her mummy go to the library. We share Lulu’s excitement as she packs the books she borrowed least week, finds her library card and walks to the library with Mummy. Childhood joy jumps out from every page as Lulu joins in all the fun at the library, from singing time to choosing her books. Each page shows her leaning forward in anticipation, grinning with joy or in tongue-poking concentration. The illustrations really capture the way children live in the moment and see joy and excitement in every experience.


A must for any book lover, Lulu Loves the Library is the perfect book to introduce young children to the library and all the fun it can offer. It’s also useful for nourishing the library habit. My daughter loved pointing at each picture and saying ‘we do that!’ Especially when it came to sharing the cappuccino froth! The book comes with a multi-language CD so that it can be enjoyed by families no matter what their reading level or what language they speak. A lovely touch that works towards making this book truly inclusive for all. My library copy has a stamp in it for every single month between March 2011 and now. This is clearly a well loved book that doesn’t get a moment to languish on the shelves.

Lulu Loves Stories is included in the early years ‘This is Me!’ book pack and also comes with a multi-language CD. This time it is Dad who takes Lulu to the library. Lulu chooses some books to bring home and the family share them together over the following week. Each book in turn prompts a day of imaginary play and we see Lulu dancing round as a fairy princess, travelling on an exotic adventure, working on a farm and building a house. A book’s power to inspire is explored as well as the importance of children’s imagination and play. This book is all about having fun and playing. There’s no gender stereotyping. Dad and Mum share time with Lulu, both reading and playing with her. She is equally happy dancing round as a fairy and fixing up her broken house. Lulu Loves Stories is inspiring and inclusive and, importantly, truly child-friendly.


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