The Rainbow Library is expanding!

The summer holidays are coming to an end. Parents are hurriedly labelling uniforms and buying last minute lunch boxes and pencil cases. Children are squeezing as much fun, sun and ice cream as possible into the last few days. I am sorting books.


This summer, our house has been entirely taken over by books! I haven’t written reviews this summer holiday, but I have spent a lot of time reading, buying, stroking and sniffing books. Bookshops, car boot sales, charity shops, the library, t’internet, National Trust gift shops, farm gift shops, supermarkets, train stations… No matter where we’ve been or what we’ve been up to this summer, books have been involved every step of the way. (It has now become a running joke for my daughter to tell me that I have a book magnet and I can’t stop myself getting pulled to them… and then stuck to them… sometimes for quite a long time.)

Add to that my gorgeous new book nook on the landing:

and the stylish, innovative, beautiful, funny, crazy and cute review copies that have arrived over the summer and we’ve got a book-takeover going on here!

So, next Monday our daughter starts school (lots of starting school books have been purchased and devoured this hols) and I will have some Free Time. On the same day, the Rainbow Library book box will head back to the nursery. That will still leave one or two* books in the house. Luckily, this summer I had a delicious day out in the sun with a dear friend and like-minded soul, Gem. Gem works in reception and nursery at a school in Brighton. The kids there don’t have much of anything at home. The majority of them have English as a second language, special educational needs, behavioural issues, are looked after children or are living with poverty. In fact, most of them have a messy, emotional, complicated mix of all of these problems. Gem runs the nursery’s library. With no funding, no support and no interest from the parents. She is enthusiastic, passionate, creative and she Cares. So please give a warm welcome (and cake) to the lovely Gem, newest member of Team Rainbow. Let’s hope that together we can get some of these books into the hands and homes of her kids, support their parents and begin the love of books and reading that is so vital to their future.

*mountains of


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