The Rainbow Library Two

On Friday evening my good friend Gem came over to pick up the first batch of books for The Rainbow Library’s second location. Alcohol was consumed, pizza was made and munched, and books were rifled through. There was much chatter about how to encourage the children and adults to get involved and use the library, about how precious (or not) to be about the books, and what has been successful in the original library.

Here we are one week on and look what she has created with her zero budget…


A dedicated area for the library books where children can access them themselves, bright and welcoming displays with a lovely mix of books. Hurrah!

But wait… there’s more… In less than a week six books have been borrowed. And because of the staggered child intake there are only ten children in the classroom so far! I know! A whopping result for the first week. Well done, Gem. Well done to the children and adults using the library, and THANK YOU to all the publishers who have sent review books and the wonderful folk who have donated books to The Rainbow Library.

These are children that didn’t have access to books. Imagine what they could be reading next week, next month, next term! I’m really excited about having another member of The Rainbow Library to share ideas and best practice with. I can’t wait to see what happens next week and I’m bursting to get to Rainbow Library One to see how they have done in their first week back from the summer.

Watch this space!


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