We All Sing with the Same Voice


We All Sing with the Same Voice is full of inclusive joy. I must admit to not knowing the Sesame Street song that it comes from but the book works beautifully as a standalone. Each page shows children celebrating their similarities and their differences in a brilliantly simple way.

The children sing about their different hair colour, the different places they live and the different ways they feel. The repeated refrain ‘and my name is you’ grabs the reader and pulls them in. It includes them in the song. Then we get the chorus, ‘we all sing with the same voice, the same song, the same voice. We all sing with the same voice, and we sing in harmony.’ Beautifully matched with illustrations of a diverse group of children dancing together. What a clever and gentle way to introduce young children to the ideas of diversity and inclusion. How much they can unconsciously learn from reading or listening to this book, singing the song or looking through the pictures.


I love the nearly-last page with children floating on their pillows and the nod to the power of bedtime stories. But obviously this is my favourite page:


Diverse and inclusive in every sense of the words! Did I mention I love this book?

And guess what I found… A lovely video linking this book and the song. Play it to yourself with a smile, play it to your kids, put it up on that whiteboard and get your class dancing. Enjoy!
YouTube – We All Sing with the Same Voice

Source: kindly donated to The Rainbow Library by the Truffle Snufflers at Letterbox Library


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  1. My American friend sent me this book when our kids were tiny. We loved it, the kids loved it. They were at the age of total acceptance, so nothing in the text and pictures wasn’t ‘normal’ for them. It’s one of the most beautiful books we’ve ever read together! Must dig it out again…

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