Every snowflake is different, every snowflake is perfect. Cerrie Burnell has made a name for herself as an actress and a children's presenter on cbeebies, as well as a theatre practitioner. Her theatre show The Magical Playroom is currently touring the UK. Now she has published her first children's book Snowflake, illustrated by Laura Ellen... Continue Reading →

A Deal’s a Deal, Poo Bum!

I spend a large chunk of my time surrounded by 4 and 5 year olds. This is A Very Good Thing and I wouldn't change it for the world, but it does affect the way I behave and the language I use. I definitely overuse the phrase 'that's poo' and can often be found making... Continue Reading →

I have faith in books

I have been holding things in my chest this week. Walking with them, thinking about them and weighing them against the world. Last night I wrote about a funeral that has made me look at life through new eyes. It had such a big impact on me because the woman we were celebrating, Claire, had... Continue Reading →

Reading needs rescuing

There's been some passionate discussion about the importance and future of children's reading over on the Storyseekers blog this week. I urge you to read it. And then to think about it. And talk about it. It's important to have these discussions and to give time over to thinking about these things. Because reading is... Continue Reading →

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