The future of sharing books with children – no.2 – libraries

Lol at Storyseekers has written a very thoughtful and passionate post about the importance of reading for pleasure and the availability of library services. You should read it….


So, leading on (quite some time later, I know!) from my previous post about the future of booksellers, the next thing M and I discussed was the future of libraries.

Despite being aware of all the cuts that are being made to the funding for libraries, it seems to me (and I’m guessing many others too – I’m no rocket scientist…) that maintaing libraries is the perfect way to soften the blow of disappearing bookshops.  They have the chance to offer impartial advice and one of the things people often say they love about bookshops (and especially independent ‘specialist’ ones) is that there are people there with ideas and knowledge who can point them in the right direction when it comes to choosing books.  Libraries can, and often already do, do this brilliantly, though clearly will not be able to continue if they are not funded.  Thinking about this…

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  1. As a current primary school librarian and former public libraries children’s librarian with 20+ years’ experience, I try to remain upbeat despite all the threats (real and imagined) to my beloved profession.
    The fight for the future of libraries, I feel, is first and foremost political. I don’t think you can separate libraries from the public services in general that are being devastated by our present government. The current people in power do not need the state to fund libraries (or education or health care etc. etc.) and don’t care about people who do. No amount of donations and volunteering will help save services that should be properly funded and staffed by paid professionals. Campaigns such as the Library Campaign are doing a great job in highlighting the situation. We all need to further its good work by raising the issue with our local councilors, MPs, and via any form of media we have access to.

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