I have faith in books

I have been holding things in my chest this week. Walking with them, thinking about them and weighing them against the world. Last night I wrote about a funeral that has made me look at life through new eyes. It had such a big impact on me because the woman we were celebrating, Claire, had a huge impact on everyone she met. She was a very special person, and she has left a legacy that I am working to live up to, so please bear with me for all the references to this lately.

The funeral was very religious. I am not religious but the faith of those around us last week was palpable and the comfort and hope their faith gave them was visible.

I have faith in books and I have faith in people. And both have helped me in the last weeks. So thank you to Loll, Daisy, Zoe and my twitter crew for uplifting and inspiring chat about the future. And thank you to the books. I want to share some of the books that I have picked up to give me hope and inspiration.


Some have obvious links to loss and hope. Some have inspired my creativity and my belief in the magic of reading and the power of change. Some have made me smile and look at the world through glittery eyes. I’ll write about them over the next few days and link their reviews back to this page.

(Troll Wood)


I also want to point you in the direction of Anne Booth’s debut book due to be published in March 2014. I believe in Anne. I have been chatting with her on twitter for some time now. She has faith in books and in people and she cares. I haven’t read her book yet but I have it excitedly on pre-order and I am confident that her faith in people will shine through.
In her latest blog post she says:
“I want people to buy and read ‘Girl with a White Dog’ because it is my attempt to tell a different, kinder story to the one I see told every day in newspaper headlines and on television. I want another story out there, at this time in our history, about people who are different from/to/than us. I just want to add what I can to the sum of debates about austerity and immigration, because we have been through something terrible already in our living history and, in honour of all those people who died in WW2, we can do something to prevent it happening again. I have tried to put lovely things in this book – a white dog, for example. I have tried to write about goodness and forgiveness so that the bad parts don’t overwhelm the story – I want children to love this story, not to be scared by it, but I also want them to be left with a resolution that there are parts of our history that should not be repeated, and that they have the power to ensure that they aren’t.”

See? She is full of faith in people and hope for the future. Hooray for her. You can pre-order, Girl with a White Dog here. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “I have faith in books

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  1. I read Anne’s book yesterday, and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. I need to email Anne first, but then I’ll be singing from the rooftops about Girl with a White Dog.

  2. Thank you both so much. I came back from being away to Zoe’s amazing email, then clicked on Carmen’s post and got such a wonderful shock to read how it ended. Thank you so much. I am so nervous about this book’s reception – I can’t tell you how much it means to me that Zoe likes it and that you, Carmen, have such faith in it. Thank you.

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