Not your average spotting books!

I love a spotting book, me! But after a while they get a bit… samey. But, QED have come to the rescue with a new series of spotting books that laugh in the face of the old regular ones. ‘Ha’, they say, ‘call yourself a spotting book? Oh really?’ And they have every right to be so cocky because they’re brill! They are bright and humorous, jam packed with spotting fun with loads to look at on every page, and they have a secret weapon…. fascinating facts! What child doesn’t like finding out facts? It’s a great idea that actively involves the children in each page, encouraging them to look closer and then, wham, they’ve learnt something new and fascinating. Brilliant!


There are four books in the series – Zebra at the Zoo, Puppy in the City, Lamb on the Farm and Robot in Space – sure to cover all interests. The titular character makes an appearance on every page, but not always in an obvious or easy to spot way!

Can *you* spot the zebra??

Each book begins with a map-like welcome page, introducing the reader to the locations the book will take them to. Then each double page takes them on a little journey around the zoo or through space, with things to spot and fascinating facts on each page. But that’s not all! At the end of the book there’s added activities- sections of illustrations to go back and hunt for, a ‘did you know?’ page of extra facts and, my personal favourite, a page of ideas for follow on games like turning your house into a zoo, making your own robot, or imagining what animals would say if they could talk in real life. A brilliant added touch!

With humour throughout and tons of colour and detail in Joelle Dreidemy’s illustrations, these books will appeal to children. ALL children! Note the lack of gendering – all four books are for *all* children. What a relief and a welcome step away from the pink princess spotting book for girls and the blue monster spotting book for boys? QED, I salute you! For treating children as the little people with big imaginations and endless fascination that they truly are. Hurrah!

Source: Zebra at the Zoo and Robot in Space kindly sent for review by QED Publishing, part of the Aurum Publishing Group


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