Jolly Snow, Feather-Snow and the joy of play

Jane Hissey’s Old Bear is a true children’s classic and I am thrilled to be stroking a limited edition copy of one of Old Bear’s adventures, Jolly Snow.


I wrote here about loving local, and Jane Hissey is an East Sussex gal, just like me. Her Old Bear books have recently been published by Brighton independent publisher Salariya and Old Bear, Little Bear, Ruby, Blue, Jolly and the crew are ready to be introduced to a new generation of children.

I have a real soft spot for Jane Hissey’s illustrations. Her art work is so beautiful and realistic and I am constantly amazed and inspired by her ability to draw texture. Rabbit and Little Bear’s fluff, Jolly’s softness and Old Bear’s bare bits! How does she do it? She is a very talented lady.

In Jolly Snow, Jane draws the perfect fluffy floating feather and captures wooly scarves and corrugated cardboard perfectly. It is, as always, stunning. But the best thing about this book is her ability to capture childhood adventure.

Jolly Tall the giraffe is waiting for some snow to arrive. He has never seen snow and wants to experience it. His friends are determined to help and together they explore different types of ‘snow’ around their home. Little Bear has a snow globe, Bramwell Brown shakes flour over dough, and Old Bear scatters snipped paper pieces through the air. White sheets become snowy hills and feathers are flurries of snow as the toys explore and imagine and play.

Jane Hissey’s text beautifully echoes children at play. She has a real ear for children’s language during imaginative play and can recreate scenes of joy and exuberance. Can’t you just hear children shouting ‘Feather-snow!’ at the tops of their voices as they leap into a pile of cushions!


It’s refreshing to read a book that is full of non gender-stereotyped characters that are fully immersed in imaginary play. This book is showing children what childhood should be like! So let’s all burst open some cushions, get out some cardboard boxes, get our imaginations working and have a good play together.

Source: kindly sent for review by Salariya Children’s Books.


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