Santa is coming to a town near you!

This competition is now closed. Polly was the lucky winner. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Santa is Coming to Sussex by Steve Smallman and Robert Dunn has been a very pleasant surprise. I am quite sceptical when it comes to personalised books that put your name or town in the spotlight. I worry that they will inevitably lose out on story and become contrived. I’ve had to eat my words with this series though, as Santa is Coming to Sussex has become a special family sharing book since it was plucked from the advent book tree. We love to look through this book together and spot all the places we know and love. The towns we travel through, the buildings we’ve visited, the places our friends live in. I think this is set to come out year after year and hold a special place in our advent celebrations.


Instead of contriving a story around a town, the Santa is Coming to.. series plays on the Rudolph story, focusing on a young reindeer’s first Christmas as Santa’s helper. Santa is busy arguing with his Santa-nav when they get lost in the cloudy skies and it is up to the youngest reindeer to save the day and direct the sleigh to Sussex. When the youngest reindeer hears bells ringing (in this case, Chichester Cathedral) he pulls the sleigh in the right direction and they land safely in Sussex. Well… almost!

The story shows Santa popping into houses and squeezing down chimneys across the county, nibbling mince pies and sipping a little something as he goes. These pages manage to capture the magic of Santa’s visits and build up beautifully to a double page spread of Santa flying over local buildings we know and love. It’s a delicious touch, to be fully immersed in the magic of Santa and then turn the page to see your town. The magic of Christmas brought home. Literally.

And this book has my favourite illustration of a reindeer so far…


Maybe I am a sucker for personalised books after all!

If you would like to win a copy of Santa is Coming to London just add a comment below and I will pull one lucky name from Santa’s sack on Thursday evening. UK only.


Source: Santa is Coming to Sussex bought for the advent tree of joy!
Santa is Coming to London was a slight purchasing error which could potentially work in your favour!


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  1. I spotted this in our local bookshop a couple of weeks ago and decided to treat my kids to a copy. I wasn’t expecting much more than a slightly contrived story with a few place names shoehorned in. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a lovely story with a Christmas theme. While there are lots of place names they seem to fit. I also liked that it named some slightly obscure areas and features rather than just sticking to the predictable ones in the city centre. A lovely book!

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