Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas

I love the Belle and Boo books! We have borrowed The Goodnight Kiss from the library A LOT this year. They have a traditional feel mixed perfectly with a contemporary design. They look beautiful, they feel beautiful and they sound beautiful when read aloud. But most of all, they have that warm and cosy quality. They feel like you know them and have read them a hundred times. They feel like old friends.


Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas has all the joy of a child’s Christmas wrapped up in a stylish, well designed book. It’s Christmas Eve and Belle and Boo are busy preparing on a frosty, sparkly sort of day. Boo isn’t sure what happens at Christmas, or what to do to get ready, so Belle explains how to make it a special time for everyone and together they prepare for the festivities. They decorate the tree that smells so green and foresty, they make paper chains and Christmas cards, spiced cakes and gingerbread stars.

Boo is so full of Christmas magic and excitement that he can’t sleep that night. He finally falls asleep just as something exciting and magical happens outside! Christmas Day arrives and Belle and Boo remember to make it special for everyone, with a lovely present for the birds and animals outside. A beautiful touch that will inspire children to think about giving and sharing at Christmas, and may even get them out into their own garden or park to see what they could make for their furred and feathered friends.


A perfect book for the Christmas build up, Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas is a great antidote to all the corporate Christmas madness. Take a day to spend with a child in your life. Suck up that Christmas awe and wonder and magic. Give them this book with some pine cones, some brown paper and some glitter and glue, and see what they can achieve. I bet it will make memories for both of you that will outlast any plastic toy on the market.

Source: kindly sent for review by the lovely folk at Orchard.


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