Pink Lining Bedtime Stories Competition with Ladybird Books

In partnership with Ladybird, Pink Lining has launched its first ever Bedtime Stories competition to win one of their Pink Lining Picture Satchels and a Ladybird book to carry in it.

They would like to know your favourite bedtime story to read to your child. All you have to do to enter is go to their competition page here and tell them the title of your favourite bedtime story, along with a brief synopsis and why you and your child love it. The competition deadline is Monday, 16th December and Pink Lining will hand-pick nine lucky competition winners by Wednesday 18th December. The winners will also have the chance to write a short review of their Ladybird book prize and have it featured on the brand new Pink Lining blog, PL Pinboard.

Pink Lining is a company that makes me smile. For a few reasons. Firstly, I like what they do. They make gorgeous innovative children’s bags that really celebrate children’s imagination and creativity. They treat children as little people with big imaginations and make items that look great and fully support their play. Secondly, teaming up with Ladybird to promote the reading of bedtime stories and support children’s literacy is always going to make me smile. But also, Pink Lining is a company that I believe in because they care and they listen. Their products are child-centred rather than heavily gendered, and their belief in the importance of play and creativity is clear. And that’s why, when I saw that on their website the children’s product pages contained a filter in the menu bar which split their picture satchels into girls and boys, I was disappointed. As you will see below, this just isn’t reality and splitting items by gender doesn’t make sense anymore. When I contacted them about it they LISTENED and they AGREED and they REMOVED the gender filters. Hurrah to them for listening and for having the integrity to make that change. Certainly enough to make me smile.

Pink Lining were kind enough to give me a sneak peek at their competition and a test run of the prizes and I think their picture satchels are brilliant! They are made from hard wearing canvas that feels water resistant to the touch, with gorgeous designs and colours, proper satchel clunky-noise-making clips, handy mesh pocket and enough space to carry around a big pile of books, pads of paper and pens. But… the icing on the cake for me is the window frame on the front. Children can slot a piece of their artwork in the frame and display it on their back as they go. Simple yet brilliant! This bag is crying out for a creative soul to take it on an artist’s adventure.


Luckily Mollie had her best-friend-in-the-world over to play so there were two creative souls to leap on these bags when they arrived. “Explorer bags!” “Artist explorer bags!” came the cries of joy as the bags were unwrapped and immediately tried on and filled with artist explorer goodies. Pads of paper, pens and pencils, the Ladybird mini beasts finding out book, binoculars, camera, sunglasses, compass, cardy, obligatory fairy wand, (plus a secret stash of chocolate hidden in the net pocket) and the little explorers were ready to go.


They didn’t get far before they decided they needed a map. Out came everything for emergency map drawing activities – and a quick chocolate refuel.
And then they really were off!

Their imaginary play was delicious as they climbed the great stairs-mountain, investigated the Arctic wastelands of Bathroom and then explored the winter woodlands. All sorts of rare creatures were spotted and looked up in their Ladybird book. It genuinely was a joy to see.

Is that a lesser-spotted-glitter-robin in the tree?

The Ladybird book we received was perfect for little adventurers. First Fabulous Facts Minibeasts is a brilliant introduction to non-fiction books. It has contents, glossary and index pages so young children can learn what a finding out book looks like and get to know how it works. It covers a lot of information in easy to understand language with Fabulous Facts on each double page spread. Perfect for a range of age groups, it is simple enough for the very young but looks at everything from life cycles and habitats to deadly minibeasts and minibeast record breakers- plenty to keep older children happy. And, the cherry on top of the icing on the cake… it is filled with brilliantly multicultural images of children. Hurrah!


To get your hands on one of the Pink Lining picture satchels and a Ladybird book to start your own adventure, enter their competition here. Good Luck!

Source: Satchels and Ladybird book kindly sent for review by Pink Lining.

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