Are You Ready for Christmas?

Ooooooo this book is pretty!

I appreciate that’s not the kind of thought out, meaningful and heartfelt review I usually produce on here. But it’s Christmas, and at Christmas time I like a bit of pretty! I love the glitter and the window displays and the handmade decorations and the metallic sheen on everything. I like the sparkle and the shine and the prettiness! It makes me smile and feel warm inside -all excited and festive.

If you love a bit of Christmas pretty, then Are you Ready for Christmas may well be the book for you! It has a brilliant blend of traditional subject matter and contemporary design and is beautifully illustrated with Helen Lang’s contemporary looking line drawings.


The gentle little pop ups appear on every other page, with lovely use of foiling with pink and silver metallics throughout, building to a grand-finale-pop-up-of-joy which I won’t spoil for you. It’s too delicious!

Are you Ready for Christmas tells the tale of Reindeer visiting his friends to check whether they are ready for Christmas. Mouse, Squirrel and Dove are busy collecting last minute decorations before the festivities begin. But Reindeer realises he has forgotten his job and hasn’t done his own preparations. His friends save the day in a gorgeous pop out page of festive prettiness and smiles.

The thing I love most about this book is that it fits snugly across a huge age range so is perfect for bringing out year after year and cuddling up and reading together. The board book format makes it accessible for all ages and the rhyming story is simple enough for very young children, but with a concept and design that will still appeal to older children. And adults who like a bit of Christmas pretty!

This is a very beautiful book sure to leave everyone with a festive glow and a warm smile.

Source: kindly sent for review by Templar Publishing


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