The Odd One Out

Ah, spotting books. Those delicious non-fiction-with-a-twist gems. So much potential. And so often... a bit pants. Allow me to introduce you to the very definitely NOT pants The Odd One Out by Britta Teckentrup. This book is Beautiful! It lives up to the potential of the genre and delivers something truly stunning. Its cloth-effect cover... Continue Reading →

Countdown to International Book Giving Day

It's nearly that time of year again! It's easy to tell there are less than three weeks to go, because my house looks like I'm preparing for a bookfair! Boxes and piles of books everywhere, bags of cuddly toys and old pillow cases in a messy halfway-to-storysack kind of place, scribbled to-do notes on post-its... Continue Reading →

Happy blog-birthday to me!!

One year ago today this blog was born. It has gradually evolved as I've learnt more about children's books, chatted with and met many of the wonderful people who make and love them - and as I've grown and learnt more about myself! The Rainbow Library has developed over this time too. It didn't exist... Continue Reading →

A Happy New Year

Hello! Happy New Year! How are we all? I've been in full holiday mode for such a long time it feels like I'm pushing through a fog of chocolate, mulled wine and cosiness. But it's a good feeling. It feels fresh and exciting and full of strong coffee, fresh air and new beginnings. We lost... Continue Reading →

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