A huge thank you from The Rainbow Library

So… You guys rock! All of you! You really do!
In the run up to Christmas I wrote about how well the Rainbow Library was going in its second location. I cheered on Gem for the wonderful work she’s doing there and I made the cheeky suggestion that maybe you could wrap up an extra present and post a book to the kids there.
And guys… you DID!
Loads of you! Loads of books! Loads of smiles! You guys amaze me!


Thank you so much! Thank you to Zoe from Playingbythebook, to Anne-Marie from Childledchaos, and to Catherine from StorySnug for their book parcels. Thank you to Jo Lodge who personally delivered some of her books to the kids at the school – so not only did they get new and exciting books, but they got to meet the person who created them too! Amazing! Thank you, Jo! And, a lot of you pesky souls decided to remain anonymous, but you know who you are (and I could hazard a guess at a few names!) and I thank you too!

Gem and I would like to thank all of you so very much for your kindness and your generosity. Because of YOU these children are developing a love of books. They are squeaky-bouncy-excited when new books arrive and they relish their library. You guys did that! Hurrah!!

I can’t explain just how much of a big deal this is. So I’m going to show you:










And if you’re not already beaming with pride or furiously wrapping up books (it’s International Book Giving Day next month you know!)… read this message from the lovely Gem:

“Where do I start.. To say thank you is just not enough for the kindness that has been shown. I wish I could have recorded the moments of the children ripping through the parcels to discover brand new books, Yes, you read correctly, Brand New Books!! The smiles as wide as their faces, even I at 28, was shocked at how excited the children and I got.
‘A present…? A present for us….? …..Is it from Santa?….. No? … It’s from the Book Fairy!!’
So many books and so many people not leaving names, addresses… I wish I could thank you all personally from me and all the children. Encouraging children to take books home is a piece of cake now with the gorgeous books we have!
So Thank You, I know some think, ‘it’s just a book,’ but it’s not, it’s a mini world for us to fall into, so thank you for letting us fall into that world. xx”


‘Nuff said! Thank you! All of you!


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