The Odd One Out

Ah, spotting books. Those delicious non-fiction-with-a-twist gems. So much potential. And so often… a bit pants.

Allow me to introduce you to the very definitely NOT pants The Odd One Out by Britta Teckentrup.


This book is Beautiful!
It lives up to the potential of the genre and delivers something truly stunning. Its cloth-effect cover and stylish artwork make it especially stroke-able. You’re stroking the picture now, aren’t you!
I don’t blame you.

And inside doesn’t disappoint. Each double page spread shows a different animal with one odd one out. One of the tortoises has fallen asleep, one lemur is cross-eyed, one rhino is having a little sit down. Yes! Rhinos!


The real joy is in the illustration and design of the book. Big Picture Press pride themselves on producing children’s books that are works of art and The Odd One Out fits the bill beautifully.

Finding the odd one out becomes progressively harder as the pictures become more complex- the lemurs really got me! I love that each page gives you the collective name for the animals – a rabble of butterflies, a stand of flamingos, a crash of rhinos. Who knew that a group of pandas is called a sleuth? Or a cauldron of bats? A lovely touch that widens the appeal of the book to include older children.

Due to be published in March 2014, add this one on to your wish-list. You won’t be disappointed.

Source: kindly sent for review by Big Picture Press

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