Rainbow Library 4 is born!

Whoop! I did it again!
The Rainbow Library 4:



All set up ready for International Book Giving Day next week!
This library is for the reception children at a primary school. It is sneakily tucked in next to the reading books in their cloakroom area so that children and parents can access both sets of books at the same time.

The school has a high catchment from deprived areas and a lot of children that could really benefit from these books. I’ve been hugely impressed by how much emphasis the reception teachers put on stories and books in their day to day activities and planning. They base their topics around a book of the week and all the children’s learning is linked to these stories. It’s a very smart way of integrating books into the children’s lives and I really wanted to support them with it. I’ve tried to add books that they have already shared with the children and books that link in and extend their topics. I’ve also made a conscious effort to include lots of non-fiction books and interactive books and to meet all ability levels, from books with a single word to early chapter books.


I want to show children and their families how important books are – and how much fun they are! I am working to inspire children to pick up books, to look through the pages and suck up the stories. By the time I’m done, these kids will be fully-fledged book strokers and sniffers. They will fall completely under the spell of my unsubtle book-infiltration project! But for now I’ll be happy with them just looking at a book and listening to a story. I’m hoping that these will help.

And guess what… It is already working! We set up the library after school last night and this morning the children were straight in and digging through the books! They are already using it! Without a word of encouragement or any unsubtle nudging from me or the staff. WOO HOO!!

A huge mahoosive thank you to everyone who has sent books.
To the brilliant publishers who send review copies for me to pass on to the libraries – Templar, Hachette, Big Picture Press, ChildsPlay, Random House, Alanna Books, Francis Lincoln, Salariya, Tara Books, Faber and Faber, Bounce Marketing. Thank you!
To @chaletfan @cjfriess @Charlottecooke @claravulliamy and @helenbiscuits for their generous donations.
To Bags of Books for their beautifully timed sale and friendly advice when I was stocking up for the library.
And of course to Kaitlin Duffy who gave up her free time (and there’s not much of that when you’re a reception teacher!) to help set up the library.
You all rock! And you have made a difference to these children’s lives!

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