Where’s Lenny? The perfect book for a nursery.

Where’s Lenny? by Ken Wilson-Max is a nursery or play group’s dream book! It is just brilliant on so many levels!


The version I have is a lovely chunky hardcover, just the right size for toddlers to handle themselves and with gently rounded edges. Even the pages themselves are perfect for the age-group. Rounded card pages that are shiny enough to be splatter resistant and thick enough to be tear-proof, yet still flexible enough for little ones to manage and learn how to turn carefully. This is a wonderful step up from a board book before a paperback picture book – resilient is the word I would use! Toddler-proof!

Lenny is playing hide and seek with Daddy. The reader conspires with Lenny as he swaps his hiding place and stays one step ahead of Daddy. I love the way this brings the reader in and involves them in the game. Children will be squealing and pointing as Lenny runs up the stairs or sneaks behind the sofa. A lovely touch.

The language is immediate and exciting and helps to engage the child in the game. It even includes counting to ten, with numerals for the children to follow. The illustrations work beautifully to keep the child’s interest, bright and bold with not too much going on so that the focus can be drawn to cheeky Lenny as he disappears off again.


For me, the true beauty of this book is the way it reflects our diverse society. The illustrations show a mixed race family. Dad is playing with Lenny while Mum is fixing a lightbulb. Little things, but so, so important. Hurrah!


This book really is perfect for a nursery, where it can teach children about our world and fill them with fun and giggles. So my copy is off to The Rainbow Library where it can sit happily in a Brighton nursery and do its job daily.

Thank you to Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for sending me this review copy.


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