Mum’s the Word

Mothers’ day is doubly special in this house because, well, there are two of us! So when these books popped through the letterbox I was very smiley indeed!

Mum’s the Word by Timothy Knapman and Jamie Littler is delicious! It celebrates the relationship between mother and child through the play of a puppy trying to remember the word ‘mum’. Told from the puppy’s point of view in lively rhyme, the book explores how a mum makes a child feel and the special things they share together.


The illustrations are gorgeous and full of energy and movement. I love that this book hasn’t gone down the soppy hugs route for Mothers’ day but instead really reflects a child’s joy. Everything comes together – the pace of the text, the spot-on vocabulary choice, the design, the use of medium and the expression in the illustrations all work to create a real sense of the child. The first person narrative and the fact that the puppy isn’t given a gender throughout the book* allows children to read themselves in to the story. In fact, this book is crying out to be read out loud by a child – imagine what that would be like as a mothers’ day present!

A beautiful book that will appeal to a wide range of ages. Younger children will enjoy the pace and rhyme as well as the very accessible illustrations; older children will appreciate and relate to the concept; and adults will be reminded of their own little ones and their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Just gorgeous!


Little Mouse by Alison Murray is another celebration of the mother and child relationship, told from the point of view of a little girl who is sometimes called Mummy’s little mouse. But this little girl doesn’t think she really is like a mouse.


I love Alison Murray’s illustrations and in this book she uses them beautifully to reflect a child’s imagination and emotion.


A gorgeous book to celebrate mums, it is worth buying this book for this spread alone.

Anyone who has ever had a cuddle like that will go a little bit melty at seeing that picture. Delicious!

Source: Mum’s the Word kindly sent for review by Hodder Children’s books.
Little Mouse kindly donated to The Rainbow Library for International Book Giving Day by Hachette Children’s books.

* Such a shame that the back cover adds a ‘he’ in, potentially cutting out half of its child readers. Luckily the back cover blurb tends to be more for the adult purchasing the book rather than the child.

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