Eat this, Gove!

At the very start of the Easter holidays I wrote one of my ranty blog posts about how Gove had stolen our local primary school’s books. We had found ourselves in Special Measures with more children, more need, and less money. The parents came together and fought for the school and we are still fighting. We are determined to support the staff, support the children, and get out of Special Measures with our heads held high. In that post I made a cheeky request and asked if anyone could help by sending books for the school. Particularly reading scheme books and books to support literacy in key stage two.

Look what you did!


Thanks to all the tweets, emails, blog forwards and general twitter support, I have three boxes of books to take to the school this afternoon. Three boxes! And there are more on their way! I can’t tell you how grateful I am! Once again you have all come up trumps and I have been genuinely overwhelmed by your support, your kindness and generosity. Just think what these books can achieve! I promise you they will make a huge difference.

Thank you to everyone who sent books or spread the word. Thank you to the authors who have pledged their support and offered their books and time. Thank you to all of you for the much needed morale boost for the school. I’ll be taking these in to school today and I’ll keep you all posted on our progress.

So eat that, Gove! You can’t win against integrity and passion and honesty and a group of people who believe in the power of books.

Thanks everyone! You all ROCK! s


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