Zeki Loves Baby Club

The Lulu books belong in every library, nursery and children’s centre. They are wonderfully inclusive and celebrate the joy of books and play. Now Anna McQuinn and Alanna Books have introduced a fourth book to the series, this time starring Zeki, Lulu’s baby brother.


Zeki loves Wednesdays when he goes to baby club with mum. Baby club is such fun! Zeki and his friends sing, read, stretch, clap, wiggle and zoom to the moon!

Zeki Loves Baby Club by Anna McQuinn and Ruth Hearson is a delicious book for sharing with little ones. It celebrates the bond between children and their carers and highlights the power and importance of sharing songs together.

I love the inclusive nature of this book

and the way it celebrates the joy of play and imagination.


The words to all the songs from the book are included at the back, as well as a QR code and web link to short video clips of babies singing and doing the actions, and audio tracks to sing along with. A great touch that transforms this from a lovely picture book to share with children into a fantastic resource for parents, carers and Early Years staff.

A gorgeous addition to the Lulu series and a must for Early Years settings, Zeki Loves Baby Club is scrummy!

Source – kindly sent for review by Alanna Books.


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