Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

I always feel in safe hands with Jeanne Willis. She has written some of my absolute favourite books – Wild Child, Bog Baby, Susan Laughs – and this one doesn’t disappoint.


One day, Chick wanders in to the farmhouse and starts browsing the internet. Much hilarity follows as Chick buys unexpected gifts for herself and all the farm animals.


It’s not long before chick realises that the internet could be a fantastic place to find a new friend. A few clicks later and Chick is chatting with a friendly seeming chick with Best-Friend-Potential. But when they arrange to meet up in the Wily Wood things aren’t quite as chick expected.

I love this book. I really, really do. But initially I was thrown by the lack of resolution in the book. But Mollie wasn’t! She was instantly off imagining high jinks and creative escape plans. It all led to a great discussion of internet safety, stranger danger and which is the best knot to use when tying a stranger’s shoelaces together. And of course THAT is why this book is so perfect. Because Jeanne Willis has empowered the child reader and given them the freedom to think and discuss.

This book has become a firm favourite in this house, asked for again and again. Chicken Clickingbelongs in every primary school and deserves a place on the curriculum. I’ll certainly be buying Mollie’s school a copy. It is a book that will make children laugh but also help them think about important contemporary issues. It is Wonderful! My apologies, Ms Willis, I’m sorry I ever doubted your brilliance.

Source – kindly sent for review by Andersen Press.

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