Susie Day – Launching Pea’s Book of Holidays

This! This is what the world of children’s books needs in bucket loads. Susie Day writes in her blog about why she chose to include a character with Hemiplegia in her new book, Pea’s Book of Holidays. This kind of casual inclusion is so, so important and I salute Susie Day for writing a series of books that truly is inclusive.
Also, check out @chaletfan’s brilliant review of Pea’s Book of Holidays here

Susie Day | children's books

Usually I celebrate the arrival of a new book in glamorous author style, ie in my pyjamas, crying over my laptop while I try to write the next one. But I thought Pea’s Book of Holidays deserved a party all its own.

Proud Writer face. Dorky writer face.

Why? I’m proud of all my books. But writing this one has been a different experience: not only because I’ve drawn so much from real memories of growing up reading Enid Blyton, or actual family holidays, but also because the process was different this time. More collaboration, more research, and more fear.

10352842_10152219361448576_1276592352572439101_n Stackable Peas. Many thanks to Oxford Blackwells for hosting!

Mostly, my job is to write fun characters, a plot and daft jokes about ginger beer, but along the way I aim for all that stuff to be casually inclusive; to show a world where difference – by all definitions – is present…

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