The Summer Reading Challenge starts here

Yesterday Mollie signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge at our local library.
She is officially hooked:

Reading Missing Mummyat the library.


Home for a booky picnic.


Reading a big girl book to add to her new and VERY exciting Summer Reading Challenge online profile. “I’m going to read all the way to 100 books, Mummy!”


A reading break to draw her own Sarah McIntyre inspired unicorn.



And then, this morning; “I read these in bed last night, Mummy. Can we put them on my special computer list?”


So 5 out of 6 (or 100) books read on day one. Not bad for a 5 year old.
Can’t think where she gets it from??
The Summer Reading Challenge really is a fantastic way of encouraging children to read for pleasure over the school holidays; helping to prevent that dreaded reading dip and setting them on the path towards becoming a reader for life. Hurrah, and thank you, to The Reading Agency, Sarah McIntyre and our lovely local library.

You can sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library. It’s completely free and children can collect bookmarks and stickers and other goodies along the way. All children who read 6 books over the summer holidays will be awarded a certificate. You can choose whether to collect yours from the library or have it sent to their school. Mollie was very proud to collect hers in assembly last year!

The challenge doesn’t stop there! For extra fun, children can register online to create their own Summer Reading Challenge profile and add the books they’ve read to their online list, collecting badges and unlocking secret videos and learning about Sarah’s fantastic characters along the way. With loads of great features and games there’s something here for all ages. Read about favourite authors, review books and find out what others thought, enter a Finish The Story competition and find your next favourite book. Plus an extension challenge for the bookies out there-Can they read 100 books in a year??

All books count towards the challenge – library books, books online or from home or school. Have a look at the book recommending gizmo on the Reading Challenge website for some great ideas.

And head over to The Guardian where Sarah McIntyre is ready to teach you how to draw your own unicorn.

What are you waiting for????


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