A new book nook!

The summer holidays has been mainly based around books. We have signed up to the summer reading challenge and Mollie is reading towards her goal of 100 books in a year so she can collect all the online challenge badges. She is a quarter of the way there already! I have been sorting and re-shelving and reading and sorting again. Although I am being ruthless and passing lots of books on, I have also been creating some new book storage areas. Now that she can read herself, Mollie is beginning to collect a stack of chapter books but I don’t think we’ll ever ‘move on’ from picture books. So we created a new reading/writing/art area for Mollie to store her big-girl books.


This area used to have a big wooden toy chest that was wasted storage space as it was far too big and heavy for Molls to open herself. New drawers filled with paper and stickers and toys, new shelves for big girl books, and rainbow art pots for her pens and pencils and all those little bits that end up in a big tub to be glued on to pictures. These are just Tupperware pots with plastic picnic cups in, hanging on drawing pins. Molls can lift them down when she wants to write her next masterpiece or dig in and design something beautiful.

I’m quite jealous!


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