Back to the books

I love Autumn! It’s like a cosy spring – woolly jumpers and hot chocolates, beautiful colours and transformations in nature and the sense of fresh starts and new beginnings. I have had a fantastic summer and feel like we have squeezed in every ounce of fun. But now Mollie is back at school and I am back to the books.

I essentially took the summer holidays off so I have a lot of review books piling up to be stroked and sniffed and cooed over. I also have the Rainbow Libraries to spruce up and set off for the new school year.

Before the summer I had four Rainbow Libraries up and running and one in the pipeline. Now I have four up and running, another three being set up and a further one under discussion! I am really excited about these new developments but it means I have to turn this:


Into shiny new libraries in the next two weeks. Gulp!
I have enlisted help and ordered more coffee!
Wish me luck – updates to follow!

Ps – I completed my summer challenge and moved out about forty books. If I ignore the fact that more than that came in through one way or another, it still counts… right???


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