Rainbow Library number 5!

Woo hoooo! I’ve set up a fifth Rainbow Library!

This one is a little different. It’s for C.A.T.S. club – the local community after school club which provides a breakfast, after school and holiday play scheme for children aged 3-14 years from all the surrounding schools. Quite an age range to provide for!

C.A.T.S. club is all about having fun and the staff are dedicated and passionate about what they do. With some children using the breakfast club from 7:30, then attending school and returning for the afternoon club until 5:45, it can be a long and tiring day. The staff at C.A.T.S. work hard to give their afternoon club a home from home feel. There are always lots of activities on offer, and toys and games for the children to play with independently, as well as a comfortable area for children to sit and watch a DVD or read a book.
And this is where the Rainbow Library comes in.

A big box of new and exciting books that they can look through and read, that will be updated every term. I want to make sure that there’s always something new for the children to look at, as well as a staple supply of favourites that they can return to again and again. I’ve tried to include a range of fiction and non fiction and to add books that will appeal to everyone in the wide age range they cater for. I’m also going to be adding a big box of comics for them to enjoy.

Yesterday was C.A.T.S club’s 13th birthday. Great timing for a sparkly new library!

Special thanks to Clara Vulliamy and Sam Lloyd for their generous donations, and to all the publishers and book creators who so kindly send me books to add to the libraries. I couldn’t do it without your generous support.


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