A Very Brilliant Book Swap for IBGD

Hurrah! Today marks the beginning of the build up to International Book Giving Day!!

International Book Giving Day has a special place in my heart. It was for IBGD two years ago that I first started The Rainbow Library, with a new library for a local nursery. The Rainbow Library is still going strong and growing by the week and so is International Book Giving Day, now in its fourth year!

IBGD is on 14th February and aims to counter the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day by encouraging people to give a book and get books into the hands of as many children as possible. Every year, renowned illustrators create posters, bookmarks and book plates for International Book Giving Day and people around the world spread the love of reading by sharing books with children. It is a very warm and fuzzy, delicious day.

For IBGD 2015, award winning illustrator Chris Haughton has designed the IBGD poster – and it’s a stunner!

You can download your copies here.

And to celebrate all that is good and wonderful with IBGD, the lovely Zoe Toft from Playing By The Book is hosting a worldwide bookswap which I’m really excited about and I hope you all join in with.


Zoe says:
“#GiveABook, #SwapABook is all about sharing, sending and receiving wonderful, indeed brilliant children’s books. It will be a way for you to spread the word about a children’s book you are passionate about, and to discover another equally amazing book through a gift from someone else.
Here’s how it will work:
You’ll sign up and I will pair you with one other children’s book lover. You will send each other a book that you think is the best of the best. You’ll read your new book, fall in love with it and (hopefully) set off on a new adventure with its beautiful writing and/or its gorgeous illustrations spinning away in your head.
Anyone can sign up (whether or not you have a blog, whether or not you have children) but when you sign up what you’re agreeing to is purchasing and posting a lovely book to your partner. You in return will receive a lovely gift of a book back.”

What’s not to love? I’ve signed up, and You can too, right here.

I am Making Plans for IBGD 2015. There is plotting going on. Coffee-drinking, biscuit-eating, strokey-chin kind of plotting. I am very much looking forward to sharing it with you all very soon, but in the meantime, download your posters, share them everywhere, and sign up for Zoe’s Very Brilliant Book Swap. Enjoy!

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