I’m making the assumption that, as you are reading this blog, you share my belief that books can change lives. The belief that learning to read and having access to quality books is the most important thing for a child’s successful education. I truly believe that, and I work hard to introduce books and a love of reading into children’s lives. And that’s how I came across Give A Book and why I asked for help when my daughter’s school went into Special Measures and lost its entire book budget.

Give A Book is a wonderful organisation that was there for our school when we needed them. A UK registered charity, Give A Book facilitates the gift of books to selected charities and other organisations. Their aim is to get books to those who need them. They use donations to source new books at cost price, then package and post the books to selected charities, schools or organisations.

When our school went into Special Measures and we lost our entire book budget, Give A Book got in touch.

Thanks to the generosity and support of Give A Book’s donors, our school received a big box of fairytale early reader books. These books were used across all the classes in the school to help children learn to read, they supported the Early Years classes with their Fairytale topic and they gave the staff and children a much needed smile and morale boost. They spread through the school and they made a huge difference.

Whilst there is still a way to go, the school is on a journey of improvement and is now out of Special Measures – and much faster than initially anticipated! The children’s reading and writing has come a long way and there is a real sense of achievement and pride in their work. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve so much so quickly without the support of Give A Book and the others who helped us with our book budget crisis. Thank you!

Thankfully, our time of need has come to an end. But Give A Book keeps working and helping those that find themselves in need. Every donation you make buys and distributes a book to someone who – for differing reasons – might need one. You could be supporting prison book groups, magic breakfast book clubs, Beanstalk reading support, or a school that needs a helping hand. Have a look at some of the wonderful initiatives that Give A Book are supporting and help out if you can.


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