International Book Giving Day is nearly here!

International Book Giving Day is THIS WEEKEND! A whole day dedicated to giving books to children…what could be better?

If you are new to IBGD you can find out more here. You can also download beautifully designed bookmarks and bookplates to tuck into the books you donate. Find them here.


It was IBGD 2013 that inspired the first Rainbow Library. The Rainbow Library has expanded and developed in the last two years and for IBGD this year I will be concentrating on my new partnership with HomestartUK. They are a charity helping families with young children deal with whatever life throws at them. They provide one to one support for parents through their volunteer scheme. This is hands-on support right at the most crucial time in children’s development. I really believe in Home-Start and the difference they make to children’s lives.

Before Christmas I donated a big box of books for them to give to the children they work with. Books are already helping children across Sussex; families in temporary accommodation, children with speech and language delay, families with mental health issues, children who don’t have any other books at home. The books are starting to filter out to these children who need them most.

HomestartUK work mostly with children under 5 so for IBGD 2015 I will be delivering another box of books tailored to that age group. I’m also setting up a library for HomestartUK to keep in their offices and draw from for their visits. This library will be filled with books that can help children in difficult situations. Books where they can see themselves or see other children experiencing the same situations they are facing. Books where they can see they are not alone, and books they can escape to. I want HomestartUK to have the resources available to help these kids. They can take the books with them to use during their visit, to lend to the family or for the family to keep. I want the Homestart staff to use them in whatever way they need to best support the children. I will keep the library up to date and packed full of brilliantly inclusive, imaginative, supportive books.

Join me! Celebrate IBGD by donating a book to a children’s charity near you. Or pop a book in the post for the Homestart kids. You can send them here:
Carmen Haselup
The Rainbow Library
19 Headland Way
East Sussex
BN10 8TF

I promise you that these books will be helping children in need and that they will make a difference. You will make a difference!

Thank you to Zoe from Playingbythebook, Catherine from Storysnug, Beth from Mummysaysknow and Lucy, Charlie and Josie Latter for their very kind donations. And as always, huge thanks to all the publishers sending review books. I couldn’t do it without you all.

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