WBD and An Announcement!


I am celebrating in lots of different ways today. But first… A little announcement I have been hugging hold of for a while….

*small drumroll*

I am going to be reviewing children’s books for Chicken Newspaper! A fantastic newspaper for young citizens.


I am so excited about this project because there is a huge amount of passion sitting behind this newspaper. It is the creation of author and illustrator Ken Wilson-Max who I met at the A Place At The Table workshop. He is passionate about inclusion and getting quality books, stories and information into the hands of kids. Sound familiar?? He wants to get kids involved; getting the newspaper sponsored so it can get into individual schools for free, setting kids up with newspaper clubs so children learn about making their own newspapers and writing their own content. Chicken newspaper has children at the very heart. I am proud to be involved with the Chicken! mission.

It’s a great paper filled with current affairs, global learning, fascinating articles and brilliant art work. And from the next issue it will have a little Rainbow Library review section where I will highlight brilliant books that children will love to read. I’ll also be writing content for the Chicken! website with feature books and longer reviews. Woo HOOO!

So take a little look and hey… why not order a subscription to celebrate World Book Day??

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