The Lines on Nana’s Face by Simona Ciraolo

‘There’s a lot more to a wrinkle than meets the eye. Each little line carries its own story. In this heartwarming tale from award-winner Simona Ciraolo, a little girl discovers her grandmother’s precious memories as the creases from old age become wonderful wrinkles in time.’

Oh this book, this book! 

The artwork is absolutely stunning. My bad photos can’t do it justice.

It is Nana’s birthday and the family have come to visit. But why does Nana look surprised and worried and happy all at once? Each wrinkle tells a story, with a question and then a double page spread that reveals the answer.

‘Here is that morning, early one spring, when I solved a great mystery.’ 

The solved mystery is too lovely to give away here. I can’t ruin it for you. You’ll have to see for yourself. 

‘This is the best picnic I have ever had by the seaside.’

Not a beautiful sunny day with ice creams and sand castles, but a gaggle of giggles with wind-whipped hair and threatening skies. 

 I love that Ciraolo hasn’t gone for the obvious examples and instead, each memory is full of imagination and the magic of youth. 

The book shouts quality and is full of the high production values we have all come to expect from Flying Eye Books. It is thick-paged and tactile and beautifully designed. It even smells good.

A delicious book to share with children – and a beautiful gift from grandchild to grandparent. It celebrates life and the living of it and I absolutely love it. 

Source – kindly sent for review by Flying Eye Books


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