Beyond the Laughing Sky

A beautiful, beautiful book that lifts you out of your reality and reminds you of the wonder in the everyday and that nothing is impossible.

‘Ten year old Nashville doesn’t feel like he belongs with his family, in his town, or even in this world. He was hatched from an egg his father found on the sidewalk and has grown into something not quite boy and not quite bird. Despite the support of his loving parents and his adoring sister, Junebug, Nashville wishes more than anything that he could join his fellow birds up in the sky. After all, what’s the point of being part bird if you can’t touch the clouds?’

Reminiscent of the work of Kate DiCamillo, Beyond the Laughing Sky by Michelle Cuevas (Puffin Books) caught me with it’s perfectly balanced magical realism. This is a book that will speak to you and stay with you long after you close its cover. I picked it up when I was feeling despondent, ashamed by the world we live in and in need of some positivity. And I can’t recommend it enough. It will be the hug-in-a-book that we all need in this crazy world of ours. But mixed with that hug will be a gentle kick up the butt to get you out there and seeing past the doom and gloom to all the wonder and joy and all the things we can do to make a difference. Because after all, there aint nothing that’s impossible, sugar!

You can get your copy here.

Source – purchased copy.


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