How Many Dinosaurs Deep?

How Many Dinosaurs Deep? by Ben Kitchin and Vicky Fieldhouse (New Frontier) is a delightful book that brilliantly portrays the parent/child relationship.

‘Jim is not quite sure that he’s ready to move from the baby pool to the middle-sized pool. Can a group of splashing, sploshing dinosaurs help him face his fears?’

Anyone who has encouraged a nervous child will recognise the distraction technique demonstrated here. Mum uses dinosaurs to describe the depths of different pools and lakes to Jim, turning his nerves to excitement and making the middle-pool seem achievable.

The illustrations perfectly capture Jim’s reticence and his gradual progress from sitting on the bench to standing at the edge of the pool. Look at the way he leans forward but still holds on to the bench for security, and the way Mum is leaning forward with encouragement.

How Many Dinosaurs Deep? includes a spread of facts about the dinosaurs mentioned throughout. And bravo to the illustrator for drawing diverse families around the pool.

The perfect book to encourage little ones to face their fears and take the plunge, with gorgeous illustrations and gentle humour.

You can get your copy here.

Source – kindly send for review by the publisher.

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