All About Cats

Cats sleep all day, never getting up to mischief… right? Hmmm. Not so much! All About Cats by Monika Filipina (ChildsPlay) is a peek at what happens when the humans are out of sight and cats are left to their own devices. 
Starting their own band, going crazy with the art equipment and getting creative in the kitchen, the cats are making the most of their freedom.

The text is simple and minimal, whilst the illustrations are packed with humour and detail, allowing plenty of room for children to talk around the pictures and create their own stories. 
All About Cats celebrates the power of the imagination and creativity. The illustrations are stunning and sure to inspire creativity in young ones. Who wouldn’t want to get the paints out after gazing at this beautiful spread?

Perfect for cat lovers, brilliant for the classroom alongside a stack of art supplies, All About Cats is a winner all round.

You can get your copy here.

Source- kindly sent for review by ChildsPlay Books


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